We’ve teamed up with Whites Farm Supply and James Wesley to ‘Thank a Farmer‘ at FrogFest.  We’ve been asking you to nominate farmers who deserve recognition and 2 will be James Wesley’s special guests at FrogFest June 15th. Today we recognize the Lazy B Farm in Saint Johnsville.


My father in law, Francis, bought this farm in Saint Johnsville approx 30 years ago, started with very little, and very few cows. Worked it on his own, with occasional help from his children/brothers. In January of 2012, he had a major heart attack. (In the barn while milking his cows) Luckily it was on a night my husband, Brian Battisti, was in the barn helping him and was able to call for help. He had to be resuscitated 17 times! In the months my father in law was recovering, my husband, with the help of his uncle, took care of everything on the farm and kept it running.

My husband was always tired, barely ever home, did NOT get more than 5 hours of sleep a night. He didn't know how he was going to keep going. When I would ask him why he kept doing it he would tell me, 'my father worked his whole life to get this farm where it is now. The cows come first. If this farm dies, he dies. I can't let that happen. This farm is what has taken care of this family for years. I have to do it for him.'

TSM[/caption]As soon as Fran could walk, and get up into that White or IH tractor, he was right back to it! From hauling hay to spreading cow dung to cleaning the barn and feeding corn. He doesn't milk the cows anymore, but he works the fields from sun up to sun down and will run any equipment he can climb up into. He will not give up until the day he dies. He has a strong will and believes the farmers will be the last people left on this earth.

My husband is following in his footsteps. It amazes me to see him do all these things I know nothing about, and I didn't realize he knew so much about. His father taught him everything about running this farm and he's going to do it with pride and respect for his father.

TSM[/caption]One thing that put a smile on my husbands face, just last week at a parent/teacher conference and the school. Our 10 year old told his teacher when he grows up, he wants to be a farmer like his dad and grandpa! There is hope for the future generation farmers.

All of this and so much more is the reason why I want to recognize my husband, Brian, and father in law, Fran, as the all American farmer.

Thank you for your nomination and thank you Fran and Brian at Lazy B Farm for what you do everyday. We’ll put you in the random drawing to be James Wesley’s special guests at FrogFest June 15th, so he can ‘Thank a Farmer.’