Have you ever walked by a bakery and thought, I could really go for a cupcake. If that feeling hits you while you're in Las Vegas walking by the The Palazzo Hotel's Sweet Surrender bakery be prepared to shell out all of those casino winnings. They are offering a very special and very expensive $750 cupcake for the well-to-do hungry. Why so expensive?

The Daily Mail listed the ingredients.

The aptly named Decadence D'Or, on the menu at The Palazzo hotel's Sweet Surrender store, is crafted out of Venezuelan chocolate, Tahitian vanilla butter cream, 100-year-old cognac and gold leaf.

via Crumbs! The $750 cupcake containing 100-year-old cognac and gold leaf for Las Vegas' sweet-toothed high rollers | Mail Online.

A cupcake that is not only delicious but gives you a little cognac buzz. Viva Las Vegas!