The top 3 sang for a spot in the American Idol finale.  Kree Harrison brought tears to Keith Urban's eyes, while Candice Glover brought the judges to their feet. 

Kree, Candice and Angie Harrison had three songs to win the viewer votes.  We also watched as the top 3 went home.

Kree Harrison

Kree's first song was an odd choice from Jimmy Iovine.  He picked 'Perfect' by Pink, an unusual choice for a country singer.  And it hurt her.  Kree sang it ok but the song didn't give her the opportunity to showcase her voice.  For Kree's second song, the judges did her favor by picking Rascal Flatts' 'Here Comes Goodbye.'  It was so good, it made Keith cry.  I love seeing a man vulnerable.


Her third song, 'Better Dig Two' set her back a bit.  Again, the song didn't give her the chance to show off her beautiful voice and she may be in trouble tonight.


Candice Glover

Candice took on U2's 'One' for her first song and it was just ok.  Her second song 'Next to Me' brought Nicki Minaj to tears, calling Candice and inspiration for every woman.  Her last song 'Somewhere' brought the judges to their feet and made a fan out of Leann Rimes.  It also may just have given her one of the spots in the finals.  Wow what a voice!


Angie Miller

Angie choose not to sing 'Sorry Seems to Be the Saddest Words' at the piano which may have hurt her a bit since the song lacked emotion.  For her second song 'Try,' Angie looked the most comfortable she's ever been on stage.  Angie returned to the piano for 'Maybe,' an unfamiliar song to me and probably most of the viewers.

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American Idol/Facebook

One will be sent home tonight on Fox at 8.  Who do you think it'll be?  Sadly, I'd have to say it may be Kree. Not only does she have the least Twitter followers out of the three, she just didn't have a good a night as the other two.