The top 4 girls on American Idol had two songs to earn enough votes to make the final three and hometown visits. They took on songs from 2013 in the first round and classic standards for round 2. Country girl Kree Harrison and Candice Glover, who was in danger of going home last week were the standouts of the night.  While Angie Miller, who was in the top 2 last week, and Amber Holcomb fell flat.

Kree Harrison

Kree choose to sing Carrie Underwood's new single 'See You Again,' putting her own bluesy spin on it.  She received mixed reactions for her performance.  While mentor Harry Connick Jr loved the song, Keith Urban thought her stripped down version didn't match the tempo and power of the song.


Her second choice of 'Stormy Weather' wasn't much better.  Although she sang it well, it was a little sleepy and at this point in the competition, each performance needs to be outstanding.

Candice Glover

Candice was the standout of the night. She sang Bruno Mars' 'When I Was Your Man,' and even though she's a woman, no one seemed to care. As Keith said 'when you sing like that, you can sing If I was your giraffe.' For her second song, Billie Holiday's 'You've Changed,' she received a standing ovation. If she isn't in the finals, it'll be a shame.

Angie and Amber's night didn't go as well. Angie's first choice, Rhianna's 'Diamonds' was called 'bland' and 'lackluster.' And I thought it was just me who didn't like it. Her second song 'Someone To Watch Over Me' was a bit better vocally, but it was still boring. Amber at least looked good for her first song 'Just Give Me a Reason,' but it didn't give viewers much reason to vote for her to make the final 3. Her seconnd song 'My Funny Valentine' was better, receiving a standing ovation from the judges, but I think she's going to be the one sent home tonight.

Who do you think is going home? Tune in to Fox tonight at 8 to find out.

By the way, if you're like me and wondered who 'The Stig' was on Keith Urban's t-shirt, find out here.