Educators in Los Angeles thought it was a great idea to give students iPads to help with their classroom work. What they didn't realize is how savvy those kids were. It didn't take long for some students to hack the codes and start using the devices for things other than classroom work.

Rather than solving math problems students were, according to ABC News, using them for anything but.

More than 300 Los Angeles Unified School District students promptly cracked the security settings and started tweeting, posting to Facebook and playing video games. "'Temple Run.' 'Subway Surfing.' Oh, and some car racing game I can't remember the name of," said freshman Stephany Romero, laughing as she described the games she saw fellow Roosevelt High School students playing in class last week.

via LA Students Get iPads, Crack Firewall, Play Games - ABC News.

This has led to officials re-vamping the program.

As word spread, with the speed of a microprocessor, that anyone could crack the firewall, officials quickly confiscated the devices and put a freeze on using them off campus. In the meantime, they promised to improve the security settings.

via LA Students Get iPads, Crack Firewall, Play Games - ABC News.


It's astonishing that educators did not see this coming given the fact that so many kids are becoming computer literate at an early age and learning how to manipulate settings and security measures.



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