The name may seem to indicate it's for just kids, but there's fun for all ages at the Kid Zone in this year's Wild West FrogFest and Rodeo.  Games on a Roll and The Boy Scouts will be providing the entertainment.  Click for details.

New in the Kid Zone this year will be Games on a Roll.  A company that has multiple video gaming stations.  Think gaming systems like X-Box, WII and PS3 all in big screen and HD action.

Our luxury, limo-style theater on wheels features 5 widescreen high-definition TVs, surround sound and multiplayer gaming heaven!  We have four 50" 3D-ready HDTV's and one 60" HDTV.

Among the games you can play are Mario Kart, the new racing game, Blur and Just Dance.  And that's just a few of the titles.  Games on a Roll sells various blocks of tickets for game play, 45 minutes of play for $10.

And the Boy Scouts are back this year, with their 24 foot climbing wall.  Two can climb in competition or face 2 different challenges solo.

Tickets for Wild West FrogFest and Rodeo are just 20 bucks in advance and available at  all Price Chopper Stores and online until 11:59 p.m. Friday, June 14.  Tickets at the gate are $25.