One of our favorite sporting events in the McShea household each year is the "Run for the Roses" - The Kentucky Derby.  Tomorrow is the 137th Kentucky Derby at historic Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.  Don't ask me for tips, but one tradition that you may be interested in is mint juleps.

Traditionally, the mint julep is the alcoholic drink associated with The Kentucky Derby (I am strictly a beer guy). So, here's how to make a derby-worthy mint julep: Put mint, sugar and small amount of shaved ice in the bottom of a tall glass, add 2-1/2 fluid ounces of bourbon whiskey, two teaspoons of water and fill remainder of glass with more crushed ice.  About four mint leaves should do it, add

sugar to taste.  Stir, chill and serve.

These concoctions are potent, so be ready to just sip and have a designated driver...or just stay put in front of the TV.  As for my drink, it's "UC for Me."

(21 years of age or older, please)