Kenny Chesney continues to release a daily video telling the story behind the songs on his new album, Life Is A Rock.  Today he talks about the song, "Spread The Love" a tune he recorded with Bob Marley's band, The Wailers.  Watch the video and find out why Kenny felt it may have been the hardest song he has ever written and how he's living it's message.


While many of us thought Kenny Chesney had  worked with The Wailers before on the song "Everybody Wants To Go Heaven," he reveals it was just a small part on the end of the record.  In the case with "Spread The Love," The Wailers wrote the music and asked Kenny to add the lyrics.

And in keeping with the songs message, Kenny established the "Spread The Love Fund."  All proceeds from downloading the song will help victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Click here to purchase the song or here to donate to Kenny's fund.