Kenny Chesney stopped by to talk with Ellen about his new CD 'Life on a Rock.'  He began with a joke about an old couple getting pulled over by a cop.  I won't ruin it for you.  You'll just have to listen.  Who knew Kenny was so funny.

An album isn't the only thing new from Kenny Chesney.  He's also releasing Blue Chair Bay rum.  So Ellen decided to play a game...with shots.  She brought out a tray of rum and water.  If Kenny got her true or false questions correct, he had to take a drink, without knowing which was which.  Unfortunately for Kenny, the question were pretty easy.  'You're name is Kenny Chensey.'  True, which meant a drink for Kenny.  It was rum.  'You're new CD that is coming out April 30th is great.'  Of course Kenny is going to say that's true too.  Another shot, but this is one is water.  'You have a duet on your new album with Willie Nelson.'  That's true but Kenny's shot wasn't water.  The last question benefited everyone. 'You brought copies of your new CD for everyone in the audience.'  Since he did, he took another shot.  Thank God for Kenny, it was water.

Kenny also managed to stumble his way to the stage to perform 'Pirate Flag' from his new album, after all those shots :)

'Life on a Rock' is out April 30th but you can pre-order the CD on Kenny's website.