Like so many, Kenny Chesney watched the bombings at the Boston Marathon.  And like so many, he didn’t know what to do; like so many, he wanted to make a difference. So he's putting his music where his heart is with the 'Spread the Love' Fund for Boston Medical Center.

Kenny Chesney/Facebook

All proceeds from the download of Chesney's song 'Spread The Love,' his track co-written and recorded with the Wailers, go to the fund, which will help pay for prosthetics and ongoing care for victims of the Boston bombings. He began the charity with his own, sizable donation. People are also encouraged to donate what they can, knowing the money will help the injured regain as much mobility as possible.  The Boston Medical Center created a place you can Spread the Love, by donating what you can.

Chesney says, 'It’s hard to imagine a world where taking your children to school, going to the movies or witnessing something as iconic as the Boston Marathon is a dangerous thing to do. For me, I want to help give these people as much of their lives back as possible, but I’d also like to counteract some of the negativity in the world and remind people there are more good people out there, and it’s up to us to ‘Spread the Love.’'

Music can help the healing process and Chesney wants to help. 'When you’re at your lowest, it can inspire. The way these athletes, their friends, family and the city of Boston inspire me! I want to give back to the ones who need it, but also to heal all of us a little bit. So, spread the love.'

'I can’t change what happened,' Chesney says. 'I can’t imagine how the families, as well the city of Boston, feel – and I want to do what I can. If we can all remember the negativity only wins if we let it, that’s a good start. That, and helping these families with this huge process of dealing with a prosthetic. Hopefully, we can all come together and make a difference.'