Head to the islands to 'Spread the Love' with Kenny Chesney and the Wailers in Chesney's new video. All the proceeds from the song will go towards the 'Spread the Love' fund, helping victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Chesney tells Rolling Stone, last Spring's tragedy in Boston had a lasting impact on him and he wanted to help in some way.

I was having a day off in Florida when the Boston Marathon bombing happened and I just remember feeling so angry for all those people and wanting to do something to help. But how do you undo that? It dawned on me – what had been this incredible experience, writing with the Wailers, was something more – an opportunity to heal spirits.

The reggae song asks the question 'Can't we just love each other and lift up one another? Spread the love, spread the love all over the world.'  AMEN Kenny!

In addition to a great song for a great cause, Chesney is seen throughout the video without his signature cowboy hat.  Bald is beautiful.

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[Rolling Stones]

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