A couple of weeks ago Kenny Chesney announced his "Spread The Love Fund" to benefit victims of the Boston bombing.  Kenny is donating all of his royalties from his "Spread The Love" song to provide prosthetic limbs.  This week, on Katie Couric's TV show he announced plans to sell a special t-shirt to raise more funds.  Click to watch the video as Kenny explains and links to order the shirt.

 “Obviously, there’s the ability to make a much larger financial impact from the t-shirts than the song itself, but more importantly, it creates a community of people who are strong for Boston after something unthinkable happened. I love that about my fans: the No Shoes Nation comes together in the most remarkable ways, and this is one more way they can take their strength and put it to work for people who really need the help.”

To order one of the "Spread The Love" shirts click here for unisex styles or here for the ladies style.