With the Memorial Day holiday this week, most people had an extra day off. An extra day off can throw you for a loop and make you mix up your days. I'll admit, I got a little confused myself. One country artist who also got confused was Kellie Pickler!

Usually with an extra day off a Tuesday feels like a Monday. For Kellie time is jumping forward! Here is a post from her Instagram account today:

This is what the Instagram Post read,

#ThrowBackThursday of my grandma Faye & me (at 14yrs old) This was the last pic we took together before she passed. Let’s all work to fight #lungcancer in women. Take the pledge at http://bit.ly/1mW2m1f!

Now that is a touching post and very sweet of Kellie, however just a little early. She acknowledged her mistake on her Twitter.

That's okay Kellie, we all get a little confused sometimes! We should call today "We love you anyway Wednesday." You can help Kellie's cause by going to the American Lung Association website: http://www.lungforce.org/take-pledge