Keith Urban has new music on the way.  He teased us with a new song online, but he only played less than 30 seconds of it.  I wanted to hear more.  What I did hear, was the old sounding Keith from 'Somebody Like You' and 'Who Wouldn't Want to Be Me' days.  I miss those days and can't wait until Monday afternoon to hear the rest of the song that I don't even know the name of.


How Keith found time to record new music with his schedule is anyone's guess.  He continues for a few more weeks on American Idol. He's been making the late night talk show circuit, appearing on Conan the other night.  He raised thousands during his 'All For the Hall' concert in Nashville.  He teamed up with John Mayor for the Crossroads Guitar Festival and he even performed with The Stones the other night in Los Angeles.  Plus Keith found time to send me a personalized birthday card.  That's one busy guy!

Keith will release the new single Monday at 2pm CT.  Who's excited?