Keith Urban is known for getting up close and personal with his fans.  From playing in the crowd to bringing fans on stage.  At a recent show in Canandaigua, Keith serenaded Jade but forgot the words to his own song.

Jade, who was from Canada and received a boo from the crowd had Keith saying 'cut her some slack, she still speaks English.' He then asked Jade 'You want me to put you in a song?' So he obliged.  That is until he got a few lines into his song and forgot the words. 'I haven't sung this song in such a long, long time, and I don't know the words. I wanna put in you in a song sweet Jade. Oh Oh Oh, in Canandaigua. Jade asked me and I said I would put you in a song.'

As if being serenaded by Keith on stage isn't cool enough; Jade even got a hug and kiss from Keith before going back to her parents in the crowd. I bet it was a moment Jade won't ever forget.

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