Keith Urban will premiere the video for 'We Were Us' with Miranda Lambert, tomorrow night on Facebook.  He'll also chat live with fans before taking the stage at the Mohegan Sun casino.

Keith takes fans behind the scenes of making the video with Miranda, who he just loves. 'She's just the real deal. I just love her artistry. I just thought our voices went together really well.'

The feeling is mutual. Miranda credits who she is today, as a artist, to Keith.  'He was someone who inspired me along the way. His was the first tour I ever did. Watching him on stage when I was just a young artist, learning from him, then getting to be in the studio and see how he records, was really cool.'

The duet, which features Miranda first, was a unique way to begin the song, since it was on Keith's album, but he didn't have a problem with that. 'Various people said 'you can't have her singing first.' I say why not? It was always about what works best and the song just works best that way. It's a duet. She's not backup vocals.'

Go behind the scenes of the new 'We Were Us' video and see the official video tomorrow at 7:30pm.  Keith will have the premiere on his Facebook page and take questions from fans in a live chat.