Keith Urban knows how to entertain a crowd.  From the front row to the last. He rocked the CMAC crowd in Canandaigua Friday night and rocked my world when I met him backstage.

Not only is Keith easy on the eyes, he's one of the nicest people in country music. We could have talked for hours. I thanked him for sending me a birthday card and told him I celebrated by skydiving.  When he asked 'how was it' I said 'jumping out of a plane is like going to a Keith Urban concert, it gives you the same thrill.'


We went on to discuss his new CD 'Fuse' and how much I'm looking forward to hearing it, being back on Idol and how GOOD he smelled.  I even got my hug, twice!  Once when I walked in and another when I left. I also received one of the coolest things to tell us where to download our pictures.  Usually you're given a business card with the web address and can never find it the next day.  Keith handed out orange bracelets that had the address on the inside.  Now that's something I WON'T lose and one of the greatest ideas EVER.  Although I'm still waiting for the pictures to be uploaded from Friday's show.

Then Keith hit the stage and didn't disappoint.  He played from the stage to his fans in the stands, then moved through the crowd to play for his fans in the back, on the lawn.  How he doesn't get mauled each time he goes through the crowd of screaming women, and some men, is amazing.

Dotti Spina

Keith performed all his hits, a new song off the 'Fuse' album 'Even The Stars Fall 4 U,'  brought Little Big Town on stage for 'You Gonna Fly,' and Dustin Lynch for 'I Wanna Kiss a Girl.' He also brought Jade on stage, to 'Put Her in a Song,' even though he couldn't remember the words. You can see her stage debut at :18 into the video, which also includes highlights from the amazing night.  The only let down of the night, was when my phone died at the moment I waited all night for; 'Tonight I Wanna Cry.'

Little Big Town

Little Big Town got the crowd on their feet and ready for Keith Urban.  Their harmonies are just as amazing live, especially in their new song 'Your Side of the Bed.'  Watch a montage of their biggest hits.

How does Keith unwind after a high energy night like that?  He explains in his weekly 'Urban Chat.' I'm impressed he said Canandaigua correctly. Almost as impressed as seeing him shirtless while showing us his BED!

Urban Chat

Dustin Lynch

Dustin Lynch was the first to take the stage Friday night.  He's come a long way since the acoustic show at the Rome Capitol theater.  A show he remembers. I'm sure he won't soon forget opening for Keith Urban either.


I promised lots of pictures and I took so many, my phone ran out of storage space. Check them out.

Keith Urban Previews 'Somewhere In My Car' From Fuse Album

First came the album cover. Then it was the track listing. Now Keith Urban is giving fans a preview of the first song on his Fuse album, ' Somewhere In My Car,' out September 10th. I've listened several times already and all it does is make me want to hear more.