Keith Urban kicked off his Get Closer tour in Mississippi with a slip.  He was looking for fans to come up on stage to help him sing when he fell down the steps on the side of the stage.  Luckily he wasn't injured but someone on his crew needs to use a little less polish on the steps or put carpet down.  Lets hope that doesn't happen when he comes to Albany July 16th.  Or at least if it does, I can only pray he falls in my lap :)

Keith isn't alone.  Shania recently fell while at the CMT Music Awards when her shoes got caught on her dress.  I don't think that was his problem, but both handled the embarrassing moments like the professionals they are.  They just kept going.  Hey what else can you do when it happens in front of thousands of people

Check out the video a fan shot from the crowd. 

You can get more information at Taste of Country