Watch out Carrie, Miranda, and all other female country artists! Kayla Adams isn't just a phenomenal singer (She really is), she knows how to play that guitar. We had the honor of Kayla not just coming in and playing for us, but she was my co-host for pretty much the whole show, and you know what? She's a great radio personality as well!

Getting To Know Kayla

"Sober and Sorry"

We talked to Kayla about what her journey in music has been like so far, including opening for Rodney Atkins and other talented musicians both Country and Non-Country. She also talked to us about her new single Sober and Sorry, which was awesome, and she was having so much fun she stuck around. She also brought us bagels!

She also played us another song called "Cliche Country Nights." You can hear her perform that at the "4:18" mark.

Here's Her Latest Single "Sober and Sorry:"

You know what I love about her sound? Yes, her voice is great, but she is true country! I mean look at those boots:


Hot right?

Andy Cash's Cafe with Kayla

Kayla stuck around for most of the shift as my co-host and that included my daily contest, Andy Cash's Cafe. The question was, "What costs 4x more than it did 25 years ago and is half the size?" She couldn't believe the answer:

"Burn A Little Colder"

After a great day of hanging out, Kayla had to be on her way, but she didn't leave without playing one more song. It's called "Burn A Little Colder" and it is freakin' awesome! I will not be surprised when I see her performing at the CMAs someday and winning some big award. She is true talent and an overall nice person. I can't wait til day when I can say "I knew her back when!"

Visit Kayla's website: and Follow her on Twitter: @KaylaAdamsMusic. Keep up to date with Kayla to find out when her new album will be out. Should be some time late Summer!

Thanks so much for hangin' with Big Frog Kayla! You're welcome back anytime!