Justin Moore and his wife are ready for their new bundle of joy.  They've decided to call their second daughter Kennedy Faye.  'Faye' is after Moores grandmother, Faynette, who he lost a few years ago.  He admits he has no idea 'where Kennedy came from.'  His wife Kate, 'picked it.'  Kennedy Faye is due in November.  She'll join 19 month old Ella Kole.  Moore's wife will soon have her hands full looking after a girl hitting her 'terrible twos' and a newborn while he tours the country.  Can someone say nanny.  Better her than me.

Baby number two isn't the only thing on the way for Moore.  Justin was just in Nashville to shoot the video for his new song, 'Bait A Hook.'  NASCAR driver Carl Edwards even makes an appearance.  No word on when it'll be out but when it is we'll post it for your viewing pleasure.