What is wrong with Justin Bieber! Is it fame that's gone to his head and has him thinking he can do what he wants, when he wants, or is he just stupid? A video has surfaced on TMZ of Bieber peeing in a mop bucket as he leaves a club through the kitchen. The entire time, his so called 'friends' are laughing and joking about how the kitchen staff should feel lucky he did it. Seriously?! This kid needs to surround himself with more mature people who can set him straight, or GROW UP!

My apologies to any Bieber fans, but come on, this is what you find entertaining. I'm embarrassed to be from the same country as him and want everyone to know not ALL Canadians are this stupid.

'Twilight' Actor Bronson Pelletier Takes Public Pee in LAX Terminal [VIDEO]

How drunk do you have to be to pee in public? Ask Twilight actor Bronson Pelletier who was arrested for public intoxication and urinating at the L.A airport. A mid December incident he denied, but with today's technology, there's now video proof. According to TMZ, Pelletier was thrown off a flight for being too drunk.