It was only a matter of time. Justin Bieber has been arrested. He was taken into custody in Miami for drag racing and DUI according to NBCMiami.

The local news station says the arrest took place around 4am. Bieber was driving a rented Lamborghini and the 19 year old failed a sobriety test once he was pulled over. Miami police confirmed the arrest on Twitter, along with Khalil, who I've never heard of.

There's even video of the Bieb's being pulled over.

What a spoiled BRAT! To get behind the wheel of a car, while under the influence and think drag racing was a good idea, baffles the mind. Not only is he underage, but he could have killed himself, or worse, someone else. I pray he is punished for his crime and not just given another slap on the wrist. I'm tired of celebrities getting off easy because they're famous.

Source: NBCMiami

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