The streets of Utica were packed with eager Central New Yorkers waiting to watch the lighting of the new Utica Club sign. 

Everyone on Varick Street with Utica Clubs held high waited for the countdown to the first time they would see the new sign lit up. The crowd erupted with a roar and chanted the proud name of their city when the sign lit up at 9:45 pm. Everyone was amazed by the changing colors of the sign that Serianni Signs had put all that hard work into.

Mayor Robert Palmieri of Utica also attended the event and while there proclaimed that June 29th will forever be known as "Utica Club Day," a day that we will celebrate the brewery, the beer, and all that the City of Utica has accomplished.

"Utica Club Day" will go down in history as a memorable day for our city and will be celebrated for years to come.

*Story Written and Submitted by Big Frog Intern Dan Curtacci*

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