JR Martinez brought the crowd to their feet and tears to their eyes with his tribute to fallen soldiers on Dancing With the Stars.  Contestants focused on the most memorable year of their life.  For Martinez, it was the year his vehicle exploded while serving in Afghanistan.  He suffered burns to most of his body.  His story is heartbreaking but how he handled his situation is inspiring.  JR may not have the highest marks of the night, but his dance to Tim McGraw's 'If You're Reading This' was the most memorable.

Watch JR Martinez's Touching Soldier Tribute

Jr is tied for second with Chynna Phillips.  It's Ricki Lake who is at the top.  She danced a beautiful rumba about loving yourself.  The last year has been Lake's most memorable.  She's went through a divorce and went from saying she'd 'never marry again' to meeting a man who she loves like no one else, proving, 'never say never.'

Carson Kressley gets the award for not only the most improved, along with David Arquette, but he also get the award for the most fun on a dance floor.   He strutted the cat walk like only Carson can and had the audience on their feet.  He's just so fun to watch.

Tonight one more goes home.  My prediction - Since David Arquette made such a nice come back from last week's disaster on the dance floor, it will be Chaz Bono, who is in last place and Nancy Grace, who had a wardrobe malfunction last week, in the bottom two.  Maybe she should have let something slip again this week to get herself some votes, because her dancing isn't going to do it.  She'll probably be the one sent home tonight on ABC at 9.