It's 80's week on 'Dancing With The Stars.'  From leg warmers to crimped hair, the contestants went back in time, and most actually remember the decade.  The Bangles kicked off the night to get everyone in the mood with 'Walk Like An Egyptian.'  So who was totally bitchin' and who gagged you with a spoon?

J.R. Martinez Smokin' Samba

J.R. Martinez enjoyed the trip back in time.  He shook what god gave him to 'Conga,' and is
in first place. JR got his first 10 of the season for his sexy samba.  Who knew a guys hips could shake like that?

David Arquette Trippin' Tango

Where did this guy come from?  David Arquette totally rocked the house with his tango to 'Tainted Love.'  He's all of a sudden become a dancer and is tied for second place.  Rock on dude!

Rob Kardashian's Righteous Rumba

Rob Kardashian is also coming out of his shy shell.  He found his sexy side for a rumba that has him in second place with David Arquette.  Who knew?

Ricki Lake Foxtrot Fail

Ricki Lake must have taken a chill pill.  After being in first place the last 3 weeks, she slipped a bit with a lame foxtrot.  I don't think it was bad enough to send her home tonight but she better get back in the groove next week.

Carson Kressley's Jive Joke

Carson Kressley has the most personality on the show but the least dancing talent.  His jive was fantabulous on an entertainment level, but as far as technique goes, it was sick.  And I don't mean in a good way.

The Band Perry and 'American Idol' season one winner Kelly Clarkson will perform.  That's was 'sup for tonight's elimination show.  And one more will have to jet.  Hope Solo, who hasn't improved much, may be in danger.  She's been in the bottom before and Carson's fantabulous personality may keep him around a little longer.  Tune in to ABC at 9 tonight to find out who'll be wiggin out after being sent home.