The world of reality TV has made ordinary people into well known celebrities but the result doesn't always turn out the way they expect. Take the case of Jon Gosselin, half of the  reality show "Jon and Kate Plus 8", which ran for six seasons on TLC. After he and Kate divorced Jon has had a problem finding a steady job. What's he doing now?

Jon has a new new gig as host, server and bartender at a Beckersville, Pennsylvania restaurant called the Black Dog Cafe.

Jon has been in some hot water recently too. TMZ reports he threatened a photographer with a gun after she followed him to his cabin, a residence that is on private property. Police are investigating.


A&E Producing New Reality Series "Crazy Hearts:Nashville"

The A&E network has announced it has begun production of a new reality series called "Crazy Hearts:Nashville". The shows title is inspired by the hit movie "Crazy Heart" in which Jeff Bridges played a down on his luck country singer. The new series, however, promises a more upbeat look at the Nashville country music scene.