Jimmy Wayne is putting his life story in print.  He'll focus on his teen years, when he finally found a family after living on the streets. Wayne will also write about his Meet Me Halfway project, where he walked from Nashville to Phoenix.

3 years ago today, Wayne finished the 17 hundred mile Meet Me Halfway walk, on a broken foot. His goal was to raise awareness for foster families but he gained so much more.  Wayne says the project gave him a new perspective on life and changed his priorities.

Jimmy Wayne/Facebook

Wayne now spends his time as an advocate for foster children and other at-risk kids.  Watch his journey and what made Wayne decide to make a difference.

Jimmy shares the story of Jaycie, who prayed for him as he walked through Mustang, OK on his journey.

There's no word on when the autobiography will be available, but I'm really looking forward to reading it and learning about Wayne's tumultuous upbringing, living in foster homes and on the streets, before he found a home.

I met Wayne years ago at St Jude benefit in Memphis and he was one of the nicest people I've had the opportunity to talk with. It's nice to see him using his status to help others. 

How You Can Help
You can make a donation to the The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, a fund established by Wayne to benefit non-profit organizations that serve youth. 100 % of your donations go directly to organizations that care for at risk youth.

Jimmy Wayne Recovering From Spider Bite in His Shorts

A normal hike with his dog Ruby Amarillo ended with a trip to the emergency room for Jimmy Wayne. He tweeted "enroute to emergency room" followed by "got spider bit in the woods; up my shorts..." At first Wayne thought it was a brown recluse spider and even posted a link on his twitter page to more information on that type of spider.