A normal hike with his dog Ruby Amarillo ended with a trip to the emergency room for Jimmy Wayne.  He tweeted "enroute to emergency room" followed by "got spider bit in the woods; up my shorts..." 

At first Wayne thought it was a brown recluse spider and even posted a link on his twitter page to more information on that type of spider.  Later he changed his tune and tweeted "Don't think its a brown recluse.  Feels like consistent needles poking.  Seriously in a lot of pain."

The ironic thing about the whole incident; he wasn't wearing any underwear.  And yes, it bit him where you're thinking.  Wayne tweeted "the area is swollen & headache is severe."  Obviously he couldn't post a picture of the bite, but I can only imagine.

Luckily today Wayne is feeling much better.  He tweeted "I'm 90% better today. NEVER..I MEAN NEVER NEVER EVER go hiking in the woods comando.'  Probably good advice.

Wayne posted this picture of his dog Ruby Amarillo who he said "stayed right by my side all the way to the vehicle." Good thing the dog is by his side because I don't think he have any women by his side for awhile.

Sorry Jimmy, now that you're feeling better, it's really hard not to laugh :)