Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel wants everyone to do a little Spring cleaning for the 2nd annual National Unfriend Day, or NUD for short.  He thinks having thousands of facebook friends is 'unacceptable,' and he's asking everyone to go through their friends list and cut anyone who is not actually a friend. 

Kimmel has even created a points system to determine who you should cut.  If they score 50 points or higher, unfriend them.

*Change profile picture more than once a month - 5 points
*Took their picture in bathroom mirror - 5 points
*Posted more than 3 photos of food - 5 points each
*Posted 'OMG My friends are the best' - 5 points
*For every picture of a pet - 8 points
*Used 'yum' in a status update - 10 points
*Picture of a sunset - 15 points
*Posted a picture of you in Jr High and tagged you - 20 points
*Posted opinion on gay marriage, whatever it is - 30 points
*Invited you to see their band more times then they've talked to you - 30 points
*Used the phrase 'amazeballs' - 40 points
*If the person is your mom - 50 points (automatic unfriend)

You can go to Kimmel's Facebook page, ironically, to pledge to cleanse your page today.

Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker got involved by writing a song for the occasion. Or should I say re-wrote a song, you may recognize. Give it a listen

Jimmy Kimmel's NUD Pledge

How many Facebook friends do you have?