Jimmy Fallon took Kevin Hart on a roller coaster ride, something Hart isn't a fan of.  They hopped on the Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rock It at Universal Studios, where Fallon was broadcasting from. I doubt Hart will ever get on a roller coaster again.  The ride definitely won't make Hart overcome his roller coaster fears.

Not only did Fallon make Hart ride in the front car, he made them ride it twice. Hart's reaction is too funny. I had tears watching Hart's reaction.  It's pretty much how Tad would react if he ever had to get on a roller coaster.

Are you a roller coaster fan? What's the best one you've ridden?  The Millenium Force at Cedar Point in Ohio is my favorite, despite losing the radio station camera from my pocket.  That ride is NO JOKE!

Are you more like Hart and Tad, who'd never get on a roller coaster in this lifetime?