Jermaine Jones' time on American Idol is coming to an abrupt end.  He'll be sent home after tonight's performance. TMZ reports, Jones was first accused of making up a story about an estranged dad to get the sympathy vote. His father, who Jones' said left 10 years ago, says he sees his son frequently and was even in the audience last week.  That led producers to dig into Jermaine's past.  They discovered he lied by not disclosing he was arrested twice last year, one that involved violence. Jones reportedly gave phony names during both arrests and has outstanding warrants.

Right after the TMZ report, Jermaine tweeted, "Aw, I will no longer be on the show." He quickly deleted that tweet, but got in digs by re-tweeting what his fans were saying about the issue,

-"You don't deserve to leave."
-"So done watching American Idol."
-"Breaking news, Colton Dixon is human too and has messed up before! Are you serious?"
-"Jeez, people act like you're the only one with a past, without naming some 'big' celebs. Record an album, make millions, show 'em what you got."
-"He committed a crime? It seems impossible for someone like him. He's a cute teddy bear."
-"I think this is BS! What does a record have to do with this man's talent?"

This week, the American Idol Top 12 take on "Songs From the Year You Were Born." All eyes are on Jessica Sanchez. The 16-year-old singer became an overnight sensation after last week's show-stopping performance of "I Will Always Love You" for Whitney Houston week.