School bells will soon be ringing and today Matt Herkimer and Jeremiah joined with Fidelis Care and Utica Safe Schools in distributing school supplies to local kids. Check out the kids. They may be smiling now but, hopefully, that smile will still be there when classes start.



Kids from all walks of life and all cultures are welcomed at Utica Safe Schools/Fidelis Care Distribution Day


Special thanks to Nicole from Fidelis Care, Lonnie and Jeremy for all their help.


Jeremiah was at the door to welcome all the kids.

A nice event, well attended. Thanks to Fidelis Care and Utica Safe Schools!


You Simply Won't Believe How Fast Parents Put Newborn Baby Photos Online

The tradition of new dads handing out cigars may be going the way of phone books and CDs, thanks to a growing fad. A popular new trend has parents posting photos of their newborn babies on social media. And, as long as it feels like the mother is in labor, that's how fast these pictures pop up online.