The heartbreaking story of Jenna Hinman, who is fighting to survive a rare pregnancy related cancer in Syracuse, has touched hearts around the world.  So much support continues to pour in, it's hard to keep up. Over a thousand free online greeting cards were delivered to Jenna and her family. The hospital staff was so overwhelmed, they stopped folding the cards and just stacked them.

Prayers For Jenna/Facebook

The 'Prayers for Jenna' Facebook page had almost 20,000 likes on Friday March 14th when we first talked with Jenna's husband Brandon. It's now over 90,000. The Hinman Fund, set up by Jenna's uncle, raised over $28,000. It's up to $131,000 and continues to climb.

Jenna's twin daughters, Kinleigh and Azlynn are doing well. We pray Jenna comes out of her medically induced coma, cancer free, to hold her babies for the first time and be the mother her daughters deserve.

Brandon Hinman