Good news for Jenna Hinman, who continues her fight against a rare cancer. Her cancer count is the LOWEST it has been since she was diagnosed in March. All of Jenna's other numbers (white blood cell count, platelets, blood gas, vitals, blood pressure, O2) look great and the treatment team is 'very happy.'

Updates on Prayers For Jenna Facebook page says Jenna is now fully communicating with 'yes' or 'no' non-verbal responses with her eyes. Jenna is also wiggling her legs and toes and keeps trying to lift them up and move them around.

Jenna has also been taken off the ECMO maching that was helping her breathe. Her body is strong enough to continue to survive without the help of the machine.

The Hinman babies continue to get better too, gaining weight. Kinleigh now weighs 4.3lbs and Azlynn is at 5.0lbs!

Brandon Hinman