Jason Aldean made headlines last year, but it had nothing to do with his music career.  He was caught getting cozy with former American Idol contestant Brittney Kerr.  The scandal ended with he and his wife getting divorced, but he reveals there were problems in his marriage before he was caught with Kerr.

Aldean sat down with Robin Roberts last summer during his concert stop at Fenway park for 'In the Spotlight,' and says the Kerr scandal didn't cause his divorce. 'There's was things going on in my marriage at the time. I wasn't really happy. You go out and let your guard down a little bit. It's hard enough to deal with it in private.'

When you're a huge country music star, nothing is private.  Your whole life is on display, the good and the bad. 'Everybody is gonna have an opinion. The best thing that could have happened that night was they also took the pictures of me getting in the cab with my buddies.'

Aldean tells Roberts, despite the scandal and divorce, he's in a much better place in his life. 'I'm really happy right now. All this craziness that going on, I can always get on stage and it all goes away.'

Aldean is up for several CMA awards tonight, including male vocalist and the top honor of Entertainer of the year.