We’ve teamed up with Warner Sales & Service to salute hard working contractors in Central New York. This week’s ‘Warner’s Warrior' is James Van Wieren of VanWieren Bros.

James and his company were nominated by his daughter Jessica VanWieren who tells us:

I'm nominating my dad, Jim VanWieren to be a Warner's Warrior because he goes more than an extra mile every day. I've never met anyone who didn't like him, and this reflects his hard working good nature. He co-owns VanWieren Bros. contracting with his brother John. My brother Rich also works for the company, continuing the family tradition.

Our whole lives my dad has set an example for us, to work hard and follow what we believe in. He breaks his back every day for his family, never expecting recognition. He'd give the shirt of his back for anyone, any time. I believe recognizing him as a Warner's Warrior would give back just a small piece of what he gives every single day."

James will now go into the grand prize drawing to win the use of a Bobcat Excavator from Warner Sales and Service.