Jake Owen's bulldog Merle is apparently a rascal. Jake posted this picture on his Facebook page with the caption 'He's tired from destroying my house.'  I wonder is he had to clean up the mess himself and how much trouble Merle was in after.

Have you ever had a pet that destroyed something?  We've had several dogs, from pound mutts to puppies.  The puppy was like having a new born baby all over again.  UGG!  She whined, she ate shoes and anything else she could get her teeth on.  Oh she had every toy known to dog, but shoes were her favorite.  Years ago we also had a dog who loved shoes, but she only ate the left one of every pair I owned.  How she knew which was left and right, I'll never know.  I do know, I had to buy new shoes.  What a shame!

What has your pet destroyed?