Jake Owen had a little trouble with the girls. Actually it was one girl in particular at a West Virginia show.  Owen pulled 6 year-old Brooklyn up on stage after seeing her 'Jake let me dance with you' sign. Little did he know he'd get dissed when he asked 'am I your favorite?' 'Second favorite,' Brooklyn honestly replied.

So who did Owen get burned by? Jason Aldean!  'Did Jason Aldean bring you on stage? Did Jason Aldean give you a drum stick? Did Jason Aldean tell you that you were pretty,' Owen asked Brooklyn. After answering no to each question, she hestitated after being asked 'can I not be your favorite,' then said 'I don't know.'

'Why are girls so hard to get? It's like you all start at a young age man! Is it just West Virgina or all women in general?' Owen asked a laughing crowd.

Props to Owen for handling getting dissed by a 6 year-old like it's a nightly occurrence.  Good thing he's already married.  His game needs some work.