You know that the Frog Days of Summer are nearing an end when the NFL Football season begins. The regular season starts this week with a Thursday night game between Green Bay and New Orleans Saints.  My team (and maybe yours) for over 30 years has been the Buffalo Bills.

If you're like me, a fan who has sat in rain, snow, sleet, fog and whatever else Buffalo can dish up in weather at Ralph Wilson Stadium, you know it's not easy being a Bills fan. With last year's 4 - 12 record, the Bills completed six consecutive losing seasons. So, if you're a Bills fan like me, here's some of the things you may have said over the years and are saying this season:

1. This year will be different.

2. Why don't they go back to the "No Huddle Offense"?

3. If Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick had an offensive line, we'd have a winning season.

4. How come the number of Bills' penalties in many games is the same number as points they score?

5. Why doesn't Jim Kelly come out of retirement?

6. Let's hope Rob Johnson stays in retirement.

7. I know he's pushing 50, but Doug Flutie  could still win us some games.

8. This year will be different (we can't say that enough...kind of like taking a page out of the 1960s NY Mets playbook, "Ya gotta believe"!)

9. This year will be different.

10. This year will be different (And it will)!!