This week is "National World Kindness Week", and we can all participate by performing a kind act. It doesn't have to be a big effort; maybe it's helping a senior citizen walk across the street, visiting a shut-in, or just saying thank you to an overworked store sales clerk.

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There is a website dedicated to this week,, and they' re suggesting that we do one act of kindness each day this week. That doesn't sound too difficult, and Big Frog 104 can make it easy for you and your act of kindness.

Today, you can participate in the bidding on the Zack Brown concert ticket package auction for hurricane relief by calling the station at (315)-736-0104 by 5:00 pm. And later in the week, you can show an act of kindness joining the effort in our "Santas For Seniors" program. Or, you may find simple acts of kindness to help someone on your own.