Each year during the "Frog Days of Fall", Fire Prevention Week is observed, and it takes place this week October 3rd through 9th. At Big Frog 104, we salute firefighters throughout central and northern New York who put their lives on the line every day for our safety.

Fire Prevention Week is a time when we should take note of fire safety tips in our homes and in the workplace. I remember as a kid at Miller School (now Martin Luther King, Jr. School) in Utica when members of the Utica Fire Deparment would bring one of their big red fire engines to our school, and of course "Sparky" the Dalmatian fire dog was the most popular part of the day.

As we focus on fire prevention this week, it's a good idea to test the batteries in your smoke detector, and to make sure you have a plan or an escape route planned at home and work in case of a fire.

You can get some other fire prevention ideas at the National Fire Prevention Association's website.