American Idol ratings have been on the downswing for years and this year they've hit an all time low.  Rumors are swirling, the show will undergo a major shakeup, including the firing of all four judges.  Randy, Nicki and Mariah make sense, but why fire Keith Urban, voted the best judge of all time?  He's the only reason Idol has some of the viewer they have.  On the other hand, Nicki and Mariah are probably the reason they lost viewers.

'All four are gone. They feel they’ve lost their core audience and they want it back.' According the The Wrap, not only will none of the judges be asked back, but there's also talk of replacing producer Nigel Lythgoe.  There will be format changes, set redesigns and theme nights will be axed next year too.

Just last week Idol saw it's lowest ratings ever with only 11 million viewers, down 22%.  At it's peak Idol averaged 30 million viewers.  That's a huge decline!  So why not cancel?  Money. The show had $836.4 million in ad revenue last year.

I'll admit, if Keith wasn't judging this season I probably wouldn't have watched.  I think they are going to have to do more than replace judges to get viewers back.  The new reality singing competition to watch is 'The Voice,' and it'll be hard to compete with Blake Shelton.