Is James Garner on his death bed?  He's been given a few weeks to live after a stroke, according to the National Enquirer.  It's hard to trust the source since the Enquirer is a trashy tabloid but they claim a source is saying 'James is fading fast. He's made it longer than anyone expected, but he's very ill.'

Garner has had his share of health problems over the years.  In 1988 he had quadruple bypass surgery.  Three months later he needed surgery again for an aneurysm.  In the 90's it was blood clots.  In 2008 Garner suffered a stroke and was wheelchair bound.  His recent stroke brought friends and family to his bedside, according to the tabloid.

Garner just celebrated his 85th birthday on April 7th. The former 'Rockford Files' star shot his last movie in 2004 when he appeared in 'The Notebook.'  He's been rarely seen in public since his 2008 stroke.  The last picture I could find of him was in 2006 and he wasn't looking well then.

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Watch Garner in the pilot episode for 'The Rockford Files.'