First it was Tim and Faith. Then it was Blake and Miranda. Now the tabloids are going after Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher's marriage. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Fox Sports says Carrie doesn't want kids yet and Mike is tired of waiting. The website quotes Star Magazine as saying the two are 'barely speaking,' when they do find time to spend together.  Between both their busy schedules, they hardly see each other.  When they do, Carrie is 'wiped out' and Mike feels 'neglected.'

Keep in mind, Star is also the magazine that claimed Tim and Faith's storybook marriage was in trouble.

Carrie seems to 'find time' in her schedule to watch her hubby play hockey. If they were getting a divorce would she bother to attend his games or even tweet about it? I doubt it.

Maybe Carrie should follow Blake's lead and just make fun of the tabloid trash. Laughter is always the best medicine.

By the way, Tim & Faith look pretty happy too.

  Next thing you know they'll be reporting Elvis is alive.  Oh wait, that's old news. [Fox Sports]

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