The rumors of a fourth Fifty Shades on the way seem to be more than rumors.  A friend picked up the new Fifty Shades magazine and details on another Fifty Shades book were right on the inside.

Fourth Fifty Shades
It looks like another Fifty Shades will be out before Christmas.  A rep for the company that publishes the book hinted there would be another one.  No word on what it will be called but it promises more sex, within the first 5 pages.  There's a range of speculation on what the story will entail.  From Christian going broke to a prequel about his life with Mrs Robinson.

There were other interesting articles I noticed while reading through the magazine.  From food & drinks to increase your sex drive and testosterone to workout routines to keep you physically fit and able to keep up with someone like Christian Grey.

Buns of Anastasia Steele
All you need is a kettle bell.  First squat like you're sitting in a chair while holding the bell in front of you.  Then stand up and move into a lunge, still holding the bell in front of you chest high.  Finally, squat about half way while holding the bell between your legs.  Swing it shoulder high and allow it to fall between your legs.  Repeat all 15 times.

All that working out will surely make anyone hungry.  But what's the best aphrodisiacs?


Sexy Foods
Oysters - I can't do raw oysters YUCK!
Chocolate - Now we're talkin'.
Bananas - Can I cover it in chocolate?
Avocado - Testosterone boost
Eggs and Asparagus - jump starts the sex drive

While we're eating we need a drink to wash it all down with.

Fifty Shades Drinks

There are a number of drinks inspired by the trilogy including the Red Room of Pain.  It consists of 1 oz tequila, 1 oz Campari, .5 oz sweet vermouth, .5 oz Patron Citronage, grapefruit bitters.  Since I love tequila, this sounds like my drink. You could also try these:
Sex on a Boat - rum, peach nectar, pineapple juice and mango nectar.  Or how about the Twitchy
Twitchy Palm - vodka, cointreau, lime juice and orange marmalade

Want to find your inner goddess?  Try these suggestions.

5 Ways to Release Your Goddess
Go Hiking
Try Yoga
Take a Run
Go Belly Dancing
Jump on the Bike

These all sound like they involve sweating and the only sweating I do is in the bedroom :)

Unfortunately for people overseas, I don't think the magazine is available.  Since I've already read mine, I'll mail it to the biggest Fifty Shades fan.  Let me know in the comment section below if you want a copy.  I'll award a winner Monday September 10th to send the magazine too.  Good luck!