Polly and I got to talking and we were wondering, if Blake Shleton was a Disney character, which one would he be? After much deliberation, we decided to go with Goofy! I mean it just makes sense. The first thing to take notice of is the similarities in height. Both Goofy and Blake are pretty tall dudes. That is probably the only similarity they share in regards to appearance, however their personalities are pretty similar.

For one thing, they are both huge jokesters. With Goofy it's in his name, with Blake we see it all the time on "The Voice" with Adam and the other judges. The laugh is similar too. It's not that it sounds the same, but it's distinct and you can hear it from anywhere. There is only one thing different about these two and that is Blake has probably spilled more booze than Goofy has drank.

What Do You Think?

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