How well do you know your current events?  Take this quick 10 question quiz and find out.

1. Vice President Joe Biden made a blunder on the campaign trail Tuesday, confusing Virginia for what state: North Dakota, North Carolina or Florida?

2. Actor Robert Pattinson returned to the public spotlight Monday and was offered some ice cream in light of his recent breakup when he appeared on what late-night talk show: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Late Show with David Letterman or The Daily Show with Jon Stewart?

3. A beleaguered Kristen Stewart got a public defense Wednesday by Academy Award winner Jodie Foster, who wrote an essay in which she blasted the "gladiator sport of celebrity culture." Jodie and Kristen Stewart co-starred in what 2002 film?

4. Which airline's seating policy came under fire this week after it was revealed it prohibits men from sitting next to unaccompanied minors as a way of protecting them from predators: Virgin, British Airways or Air France?

5. This week, Elvis Presley fans marked the anniversary of the singer's death with Graceland commemorations both somber and kooky. How many years has Elvis been dead: 25, 30 or 35?

6. Which popular children's television show is holding an open audition to find a new Latino character: Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer or Yo Gabba Gabba?

7. Following his domestic violence arrest last weekend, wide receiver Chad Johnson was released from what NFL team: Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins or New England Patriots?

8. The Mars rover successfully sent back its first color photo from the Red Planet. What is the rover called: Conquerer, Curiosity or Crawler?

9. Which country announced plans Wednesday to launch its own unmanned spacecraft to Mars next year: India, China or Australia?

10. Mixed martial arts fighter and former MTV host Mike "Mayhem" Miller was arrested Monday after police in California say he went on a naked rampage inside: a McDonald's, a public library or a church?