There's nothing worse than having an annoying song stuck in your head. For some reason, I had Taylor Swift's 'I Knew You Were Trouble' stuck in my head the other day, and it drove me crazy!  Well, crazier than I already am.  Scientists have finally found the secret to curing those earworms.

Supposedly you have to do something that's hard but not TOO hard, like solve anagrams or do simple puzzles like Sudoku. That'll occupy your brain and push the earworm out.

Dr. Ira Hyman is a music psychologist at Western Washington University who just finished the study.  He says when you have a song stuck in your head, it's actually because that song is dominating your working memory. When you force your brain to concentrate on something else, like a Sudoku puzzle or a video game, you can push the song out. But if you pick a puzzle or a game that's too easy or too hard, it won't engage your mind enough. So as long as it's sort of hard, it should work.

So now that you know the cure, you can test it on yourself with one of the worst earworms of all time.

Source: The Telegraph