Whether you call it Redneck Yachting or a Cardboard Boat Regatta it means summer fun.  Here are some tips on building a boat with just cardboard, glue and duct tape.  Plus some of the more common rules you'll find at most cardboard boat races.

How Big A Boat You Need

One cubic foot of water weighs about 62 pounds. A boat that is 1 foot wide X 1 foot deep X 3 feet long would displace 3 cubic feet of water and would theoretically float with a 185-pound person in it; of course, that could be a bit uncomfortable! This should give you an idea of how large a boat you will need to construct.

8 Tips On Building Your Boat

1. Decide on a design and sketch it. It can be any size. Let your imagination go wild!

2. Rummage through furniture and appliance recycling bins for 2 or 3 layers of cardboard to insure durability.

3. Build the bottom of the boat first. Two or three layers of cardboard glued together. Weight it down. Let it set.

4. Cut the sidepieces. Cut against the grain of the corrugated cardboard to insure durability. Use the dull side of a knife when scoring to make a fold. This makes it easier to bend pieces into the proper shape. Fold a lot & cut sparingly!

5. Glue the sides to the bottom. Let the glue set.

6. Carefully cover any seam with Duct tape.

7. Waterproof the inside and outside with a single substance compound. (simple glue-no two part epoxies.)

8. Paint and decorate as desired.


Some Common Rules In Cardboard Boat Racing

1. All boats must be built of only corrugated cardboard (of any thickness). Waxed, pre-treated cardboard, or plastic cardboard are prohibited. Untreated carpet tubes are allowed. NO fiberglass, plastic, wood, or flotation materials allowed in hull construction.

2. You can NOT wrap the entire boat with plastic or duct tape, or any similar tape or wrap. Duct tape can be used only at the seams and stress points.

3. Caulking compounds or two-part/mixed adhesives may NOT be used.

4. NO motors allowed! Only paddles or muscle power is allowed. Oars and paddles may be the real thing or constructed of any material. No poling (as in using long poles to push your boat).

Redneck Yachting At Kayuta Lake Campground This Saturday (7/27)

While Polly Wogg jumps out of airplanes , I prefer closer to the ground activities. This weekend it's Redneck Yachting at Kayuta Lake Campground . We're racing boats made from cardboard. Join us for prizes and more Frog Days of Summer Fun. We'll be at Kayuta Lake Campground from noon to two with Jeremiah and The Jackpot Machine.