By now you've heard the amazing news of Dierks Bentley coming to Utica this November 16th. One of Dierks biggest hits is called "Drunk On A Plane". Have you ever thought of how much it would cost you to get drunk on a plane?

The simple answer would be a lot.... but how much? Let's take a look at some of the major airlines prices:


United Airlines as of July 2014

Drinks including gin, cognac, and Bailey's go for $8.99 and up. Specialty cocktails cost you $9.99. What about beer? Beer will cost you anywhere from $6.99 - $7.99.


Delta Airlines as of April 2014

Delta appears to be the airline to choose if you're looking to get drunk for the lowest price. Drinks with tequila go for $7, wine starts at $7, and a wide variety of drinks run between $6 - $7. This isn't too bad.


Jet Blue as of December 2013

If mama want's her wine, mama better get ready to pay. According to our research it would cost $9 for sparkling wine. Other mixed drinks start at $7, and beer will only cost you $6.



My advice, get drunk at a bar before the flight and have a designated driver drop you off at the airport.......or just not get drunk on a plane.